Venus and Serena have overcome a huge amount of adversity in their short lives. Not long after coming into care as young kittens, it was discovered that they had ringworm. This meant they had limited socialization opportunities, and most of their early experiences with people were stressful. Despite that, these two gorgeous sisters have emerged from their beginnings with their spirits intact. If you know what they have overcome, you will be awed by their bravery and sweetness.

Treatment for ringworm included 10 weeks of lime sulphur dips, oral medications, and weekly toothbrush samples processed by the SPCA animal hospital until two consecutive negative test results were recorded.

Throughout the process, Salt Spring Cat ensured each kitten benefited from daily enrichment activities, regular nail trims,  and opportunities to develop their physical and social skills.  Each kitten received a keepsake blanket and stuffed animal to take with them to their new home.