We are thrilled that you are considering adopting a cat from Salt Spring Cat. Below are some important points to consider and discuss with all members of your household:

  • Are you ready to make a 15-20 year commitment?
  • Does anyone in your home have allergies to cat dander?
  • Are you planning a bit move in the coming years?
  • Are you prepared for the cost of cat ownership?
  • Are you able to take your cat/cats to a veterinarian annually?
  • Will you consider keeping your kitten indoors?
  • Are you willing to work through behavioral challenges?

If you would like more general information about adoption, please contact us.


No kittens at this time

Salt Spring Cat has specialized equipment, including an incubator required to care for very young kittens. round the clock feeding, toileting and maintaining a constant heat source are all essential for a kitten's survival. Kittens are in our care for an average of 80 days, giving us a unique perspective into selecting the best placements for their forever homes.
No kittens at this time

No kittens at this time

Working in partnership with other rescues, Salt Spring Cat takes those kittens who require more time and equipment than some foster programs can provide. We are uniquely set up to care for neonatal kittens as well as kittens who require quarantine facilities for Ringworm. Some rescue partners include the Salt Spring SPCA and Rest Q Sanctuary on Galiano Island.
No kittens at this time

No kittens at this time

Salt Spring Cat provides veterinary wellness checkups, FVRCP vaccinations, deworming and parasite control. Prior to adoption, all kittens are spayed or neutered and micro chipped. As kittens approach 12 weeks of age, potential adopters are carefully screened to ensure the best possible placement for each kitten.

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All kittens available for adoption will be featured above. We may have kittens who are not yet ready for adoption, so check back often. Please sign up below to be notified of adoptable kittens or visit our Facebook Page for regular updates.