Monte’s sleek black coat is the result of dominant genes which control the pigment eumelanin, resulting in black fur. Most cats therefore appear black as did her momma. However, a second gene is responsible for patterns and this is also a dominant gene, making most black cats a tabby in disguise.These genes associated with black fur are also linked to stronger immune systems. Some research indicates black cats are more resistant to FIV.

Salt Spring Cat provided 3 weeks of daily weigh ins, 4 weeks of around the clock bottle feeding, veterinary wellness check ups, spay surgery, quality kitten food and daily enrichment activities. We provided her adopters with a short video demonstrating how to trim Monte’s  nails so they may continue this training. Each orphaned kitten also receives a special blanket and stuffed animal when they arrive in our care. After 111 days, now named Millie, she has settled into her furrever home along with feline big sister Milo.