Miney came into care when her momma required an emergency C-section to safely deliver Miney  and her siblings. While in foster, the kittens tested positive for ringworm when just 5 weeks old.  In partnership with the SPCA, the kittens and momma Teecham, were transferred into our care to continue the lengthy and expensive treatment required for ringworm fungus.

Treatment has included 13 lime sulfur dips, 4 weeks of oral medication, and 7 weekly toothbrush samples processed by the SPCA animal hospital until two consecutive negative test results were recorded.  We used 30 pairs of disposable gloves, booties, hair nets and disposable gowns each week.

Throughout the process, Salt Spring Cat ensured each kitten benefited from daily enrichment activities, regular nail trims, and opportunities to develop their physical and social skills.   We provide each adopter with a short video demonstrating how to trim their kittens nails so they can continue this training.  Each kitten also receives a keepsake blanket and stuffed animal.  Miney was quick to snuggle with her lobster stuffy once treatment was completed.