Merry showed a strong suckling reflex when he arrived in our care.  During the first three weeks of life, this is a normal behavior where the kitten can nurse on his mother whenever he wants. Unfortunately, without a momma cat, this behavior is directed towards siblings in approximately 50 % of kittens orphaned before they are two weeks of age.  Kittens can damage the tissue of the kitten being suckled on which can be life threatening if the genital area is damaged and they are unable to pee. This necessitated his separation from his siblings by clear plastic panels until  he outgrew this behavior.  We gave him supervised play/cuddle time, and a stuffed animal with a heart beat to ensure his comfort.

Salt Spring Cat provided 2 weeks of feeding every 2 hours, 3 weeks being kept warm in an incubator, 4 weeks of stimulation before and after every feeding, 5 weeks of daily weigh ins, 6 weeks of around the clock bottle feeding, 3 veterinary wellness check ups, neuter surgery, quality kitten food and daily enrichment activities. Each orphaned kitten also receives a special blanket and stuffed animal when they arrive in our care. After 87 days, now named Jasper, he has settled into his furrever home with Katie and other four legged family members.