Property owners noticed Indigo and his siblings had been abandoned by their mom. Concerned for the kittens  welfare,  they reached out to the SPCA for  help.  Shortly after, the kittens were moved into our care for monitoring and socialization. Indigo was approximately six weeks of age when he was brought into our  care.  At that age, kittens can easily be socialized.  Salt Spring Cat provided daily enrichment activities and exposure to the sights and sounds of a home environment.

Sponsored by the SPCA, Indigo  received weekly weigh ins, parasite treatment, a series of three vaccinations, wellness check ups, neuter surgery, quality kitten food and daily enrichment activities. We provided his adopters with a short video demonstrating how to trim Indi’s nails so they may continue this training. Each orphaned kitten also receives a special blanket and stuffed animal when they arrive in our care. After 81 days, Indigo ( now Seiya) has settled into his furrever home with Martin.  We wish them a lifetime of happiness.