Frodo arrived in our care at three days of age. Found abandoned under a deck, the home owners waited to see if mom would return.  When she did  not, they removed the kittens to a safe place and reached out for help.  Frodo needed feeding every two hours around the clock.  The necessary switch to formula was likely the cause of her gastro upset, resulting in severe diarrhea.    We gave her sub Q fluids to address the dehydration and administered probiotics to help settle her tummy.  It took several weeks for these gastro issues to resolve.

Salt Spring Cat provided  2 weeks of feeding every 2 hours,  3 weeks being kept warm in an incubator,  4 weeks of stimulation before and after every feeding,  5 weeks of daily weigh ins, 6 weeks of around the clock bottle feeding, 3 veterinary wellness check ups,  spay surgery, quality kitten food and daily enrichment activities.    Each orphaned kitten also receives a special blanket and stuffed animal when they arrive in our care. After 99 days, Frodo has settled into her furrever home with Conner and Rowan.