Monte and Crista wear soft velcro whelping collars so we can tell them apart. Care was taken to ensure the collar was not too tight, but also not so loose that it could get caught on anything. Our rule of thumb is to fit two fingers underneath the collar so there is extra room to grow. We even alternated which kitten wore the collar so it was not on constantly.

Salt Spring Cat provided 3 weeks of daily weigh ins, 4 weeks of around the clock bottle feeding, veterinary wellness check ups, spay surgery, quality kitten food and daily enrichment activities. We provided her adopters with a short video demonstrating how to trim Crista’s  nails so they may continue this training. Each orphaned kitten also receives a special blanket and stuffed animal when they arrive in our care. After 97 days, now named Marley, she has settled into her furrever home along with her sibling Reuben.