Summer 2023 was memorable for our province’s record-breaking number of forest fires.  Introducing our Fire litter:  this group of three kittens was found on Mayne Island along with their momma.  Trapped at 6 weeks of age, the kittens had transitioned to solid food but required socialization. Blaze arrived as a scared kitten with cautious, almost sad looking eyes.  She was frightened but gentle: accepting our slow and gradual handling. The introduction of treats was instrumental in creating a positive bond with Blaze  as she quickly learned to associate tasty treats with positive handling.

Sponsored by Rest Q Sanctuary, Blaze received weekly weigh-ins, parasite treatment, a series of two vaccinations, wellness checkups, quality kitten food and daily enrichment activities.

Blaze will be spayed in the next few weeks when she will be ready for her forever home.