Ariel was found, hours old with serious injuries inflicted by a predator.  She immediately received veterinary care to clean and dress her wounds, pain management and antibiotics.  Her first days were critical in maintaining her weight and teaching her to take formula with a syringe.  We measured each meal to ensure sufficient intake of formula and weighed her twice a day to ensure she was gaining an average of 10 grams a day. At this age, kittens need to be kept at a temperature of 87-90 degrees since they are not able to regulate their own body temperature. By the age of three weeks, she required feeding every 3-4 hours and the temperature in the incubator was reduced to 80-85 degrees.

Salt Spring Cat provided 2 weeks of feeding every 2 hours, 3 weeks being kept warm in an incubator, 4 weeks of stimulation before and after every feeding, 5 weeks of daily weigh ins, 6 weeks of around the clock bottle feeding.

We paired her up with another kitten of a similar age so that she could learn proper kitten play and behaviour.  Given her injuries and uncertain prognosis, we decided Ariel was already home when discussions of adoption came about.