Get Invloved

Fostering orphaned  kittens is a rewarding experience. Although it takes work, patience and dedication,  you are helping to save lives. As a volunteer with the foster program, Salt Spring Cat provides ongoing support to all foster parents.  We supply food, equipment, and take care of  all veterinary needs required until the kitten is ready for adoption. Before you start to foster, please consider the points below:

  • Is your household appropriate for young kittens?
  • Does everyone in your household agree with fostering?
  • Do you have a space for them that is safe and easy to clean?
  • Do you have a secure space for older kittens so they cannot get outside?
  • Are you able to quarantine them from other animals?
  • Do you have previous experience with cats or kittens?
  • Are your own animals up to date with all vaccinations?
  • Does your schedule allow for the time kittens will require?
  • Are you able to daily monitor the kittens and provide regular updates?
  • Are you able to say goodbye to the kitten, knowing you did your job when it is time for adoption?


If you would like more general information about the Foster Program, please contact us.